Friday, August 19, 2011

A Short, Illustrated, Story...

Alas, we are growing closer to the fall season.  How do I know besides my calendar telling me so?  Because when I am out riding during the week, the sun is slowly waking up.  Yes, now when I get out of bed at 5:15 am,  I look out the window and the sun does not greet me.  Instead, the sun-free-sky tells me I should go back to bed and try again later. (Then I recall I had some of these last night and was up until 11, so maybe I should crawl back into bed)

However, like Johnny Hoogerland, I persevere.  A quick espresso, get the gear on, and I'm out the door.

As I make my way, leisurely, to downtown T-town, I can't help but notice that, not only is the sun not really out yet, but also the temperature has been slowly declining in the morning hours.  (Note: get long sleeve jersey out of storage.)

Next I see lots of yawns, bleary eyes, and slow moving legs.  And no, I am not talking about college kids (or my uncles) just heading home from a night out at Leff's (or Tom Boonen for that matter).  I meet the group (Tuesday and Friday at Cafe Hollander in Tosa, 5:45 am), and off we go to tackle this...

Nothing like the burn of 21 switchbacks in the morning.  It is awesome you can find climbs like this right outside of Milwaukee.

As we roll on, I am reminded that, most days, the view is totally worth the 5:15 am curtain call.

(Picture most definitely taken halfway up Alpe d'Huez, just ignore Miller Brewery in the background)

Unless of course, the view looks more like this...

Ahh yes, good times.  After a great ride and even better views, I'm ready to dominate the day.  And of course, after a day of domination, I get to enjoy a glass or two of this... 

Then, lather, rinse and repeat almost every day.

Doesn't that make you want to join me for a morning ride?  Get out and on the bike and see what you are missing while sleeping in- before old man winter arrives.

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