Thursday, August 25, 2011

An update to the previous post...

In case you read my earlier post and would like help drafting an email or letter to your State Senator imploring them to oppose Senate Bill 125, I attach my email to Senator Leah Vukmir.  Also, here is website to find your senator's contact information.  (I thank my friend Steve for assisting me with this).

Dear Senator Vukmir, 

I am writing to encourage you to oppose Senate Bill 125.  As you know Wisconsin Statute § 893.83 provides a citizen or other user of a highway (road, sidewalk, bridge) in Wisconsin to obtain compensation for injuries he or she may have sustained due to a highway defect.  There is a cap in place of $50,000, which is incredibly minimal and does not always fully compensate an injured individual.  As you also know, proposed Senate Bill 125 completely obliterates all accountability by a municipality for any highway defect, leaving a citizen injured by a highway defect with absolutely no recourse for compensation.  This is hardly "justice", something we pride ourselves on in Wisconsin.  In fact, what this truly is is the Wisconsin government doing away with accountability in the name of saving money.

This bill protects the government only, and not its citizens.  The government is elected to protect its citizens.  While the current climate favors a bill that could potentially save government dollars, this bill lacks any proof of savings for municipalities.  The only hardcore proof is that if this bill is passed, municipalities will no longer be accountable for their negligent acts relating to highway defects.  

Should Senate Bill 125 pass, there will be no municipality to be held accountable for the injuries such negligence caused to a citizen.  I would rather pay a tiny fraction of an occasional award knowing that if my family or I were in an accident, I would be entitled to a similar award.

This bill will affect every user of the road- car, motorcycle, bicyclist, rollerbladder, scooter operator, etc.  I hope you vote against this bill and change your current trend of enacting laws that say "Screw Accountability, Save Money".

I encourage you to check out my blog for more information:

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  1. James- Sen Vukmir may bartending at Tosa Fest in a few weeks, we can all ask her personally.
    Keep up the good work.