Friday, September 2, 2011

The Velominati... Espresso Drinking Enforcers of the Unwritten Cycling Rules

It is Friday, and on Friday I try to post something fun (get it... Fun Friday).  If you live in Wisconsin, specifically SE Wisconsin, you will notice that the forecast for the weather today looks anything but fun.  Right now it is sunny, but the wind is howling (I am pretty sure I saw a golfer at Blue Mound just blow of the tee box on the first hole, though he may be about 95 (both age and weight)), and storms are coming in. Which means you may have plenty of time to sit inside and read my post and embedded link.

I rode briefly this morning, just in case I cannot get out this afternoon with a friend.  It was a pleasant 80 degrees and balmy with light winds around 20mph, at 5:45 a.m.  But 6 or so of us rode on, lost one guy due to time constraints and one guy was left behind due to two flats and no spare tubes- left with only a cell phone to call his wife and wake her up to come drive him and his steed home.  I hope he at least bought her a cup of coffee.

Which gets me to the FUN part of this post.  Someone sent me these sacred "Rules"for cyclists, which were written by the Velominati... Keepers of the Cog.  (I'm guessing some sacred sect from Italy who ride secretly among us and will punish any rider who gets out of line or threatens the order, like in that movie with Audrey Tatou and that guy from the movie Big).

At any rate, enjoy reading these rules as they are quite hilarious.  And later today, hopefully I will resist the urge to stay inside if it storms, and instead get out for a ride. Then I will officially be a BADASS pursuant to Rule #9, both because I am riding in stormy weather and it will be 90 degrees.  Booyah!

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