Tuesday, December 20, 2011


It has been almost 1 month since I last put up a post. Why is that? Well, work has been very busy, and I figured since I only have 3 followers, it wasn't like I would loose readership if I did not post between now and then. Also, it is cold here in Wisconsin, which means lots of riding on a trainer. That is not very exciting to write about, unless you want movie/TV show suggestions- Bored To Death is an incredibly entertaining and satisfying show in 22 minute increments. Plus, riding the trainer doesn't offer views to take pictures of, unless you have a fetish for basement cabinetry. But further reason is this- I had shoulder surgery yesterday (labrum repair), and I now only have one hand to type with. I am very glad I had it done as I was having trouble performing activities without pain, including cycling. However, post surgery is quite painful as one would expect and doing things with one hand is harder than I anticipated (including typing this at 3:30am because I'm awake & sleeping in a chair sucks). So, the next 6 weeks are all about recovery- rest, sleep, lots of protein rich foods, and hopefully, dear god please, a beer or a glass of wine here & there. (I saw a picture of Lance, after he broke his collarbone & had surgery, eating cheese & drinking wine with Johan- why can't I?- the wine that is. I don't know Lance or Johan so I can't hang with them). This also means that my posts will be sarce again. In the meantime, if you have topic ideas or injury stories of your own to share, please do. I could use something to do while I sit in this chair. At least I should be ready to ride when the weather becomes warmer again!

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