Friday, January 6, 2012


It is Friday.  Good things are coming, like the end of the work week.  Also, I took my bike in to be cleaned, tuned, and fixed while I am unable to ride due to injury.  (See prior post).  However, that is about to change slightly-hopefully.

On Monday I get to remove my sling, though I will be prohibited from using my injured shoulder/arm for anything other than very incredibly light physical therapy for about the next month.  But, I am eager to use the trainer and be active again.  (Never ever did I think I would use "trainer" and "eager" in the same sentence).  I am hoping to ride the trainer, though I may have to fashion some device to hold me up so that I put little to no pressure on my left arm/shoulder.  I may look like this...

                                (Photo courtesy of

Notice the injured left shoulder (though Cozza broke his collarbone) and the rope/belt buckle device around his chest, which is attached to a pole behind and above his head.  Also notice the handlebars have been turned upwards so that he does not have lean forward very much in order to rest his hands on the bars.

If I am unable to fashion some device, I may have to go to a gym and ride a recumbent.  In which case, embarrassingly, I will look like this...

                                 (Photo courtesy of

At any rate, I will not be heading outside on my bike anytime soon to see views like this:
                                (Photo courtesy of me: View from atop Holy Hill)

So, we will see how it goes, but regardless, I am itching to do something other than sitting on a couch or going for mediocre walks with my dog.

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