Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm Feeling Vulnerable...

Hello loyal reader (possibly readers?).  I have not posted in a little bit.  But I have a confession... I have been cheating on you dear reader with another site. (I hear your jaw drop.)

However, it was for a great purpose and a great organization- The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin.  So, this being the internet and all, I can link my post to this post and... voila, you can now read my most recent blog entry.

And please do read.  It is a, dare I say, most excellent piece on why Wisconsin needs a "vulnerable user" law to protect cyclists, pedestrians, joggers, dog walkers and others in the "vulnerable user" category.  This is a law that would bridge the gap between a mere civil forfeiture and criminal conduct when a operator of a motor vehicle acts carelessly and seriously injures or kills a "vulnerable user".  It is critically needed legislation, and the Bike Fed is working on such legislation to propose at a later date.

So, read my post, search and learn more about "vulnerable user" laws in other states, join the Bike Fed if you have not already, and advocate for the rights of all vulnerable users in Wisconsin.

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