Monday, January 9, 2012


Back in May 2011, I did a post about insurance in case you are injured in an accident while riding your bike.  I also discussed how the governor rolled back great advances in insurance protection and coverage to 1982 style laws- thus providing most people with measly insurance coverage.  Such minimum insurance coverage will most likely not cover all of your medical expenses should you be injured while riding your bicycle.  This would also apply while driving your car, since both are vehicles.

Since the weather here in SE Wisconsin has been unseasonably warm, and you are most likely still riding around town (or, if you have resorted to indoor riding for the winter, you will be riding around town again soon) it might be worth your while to review what type of insurance coverage you have and how much coverage you have so that you can be better insured should you be involved in an injury causing accident, either while riding your bike or operating your car.

Here is a link (after clicking on the link, click on "Understanding Auto Insurance") to a great pamphlet that explains everything you need to know.  I strongly encourage you to check it out and make sure that you are prepared and that you are adequately covered through your insurance company.

Ride safe and enjoy the unseasonably warm temps- unless you like to ski of course.

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