Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seriously Injured...

... and it doesn't matter, suck it up and deal with it.  Yup, that is what Republicans, in what was once the great state of Wisconsin, are telling their constituents once again.

As I blogged about earlier, there was a bill floating around to provide immunity to municipalities where people are injured or killed due to negligent maintenance of a roadway/highway.  Well, that has passed.

Yipee! Now if I am out running, cycling, walking and even operating a motor vehicle, and am injured because a town neglected or refused to maintain its roadways, I can just suck it up and wait for my wounds to heal, if they are not permanent.  And if I am killed, well, then it won't really matter (you know, except to my wife, dog, parents, siblings, friends, etc.)  But hey, the town won't have to worry about possibly paying me, or any other citizen, no more than $50,000 for injuries anymore.  Whew! I am sure glad Republicans did away with accountability- Thanks for looking out for us citizens legislators!

(Read about all these bills here:

But wait.  What's that?  There is still more accountability to get rid of in this state?  Republican legislators to the rescue!

They have introduced the "Skier Safety Act" (the irony in the name is incredible).  Instead of ski resorts having to maintain their premises and ensure safety for all patrons, the Act shifts the safety of the ski hill to the skier.  Amazing! I am riding a poorly maintained ski lift and it breaks, ejecting me from the lift and causing injury.  Well, that is my fault.  I should have inspected the lift first, ensured its safety, or fixed any problems, and then proceeded up the lift.  My bad, but I totally understand how this Act promotes "Skier Safety".

Oh, and finally lets free schools of liability when they fail to maintain their premises'. The, what is probably called "School User Safety Act", provides immunity to school districts when someone in a group that arranged to use the school grounds (think weeknight basketball league, Cub Scout meetings, etc.) is injured or killed because of the school and/or its employees failed to maintain the premises and provide a safe environment for all those in the school.

And the Act, just to make sure everything is specifically laid out to show how this Act improves safety, specifically states that schools do not have to keep school grounds safe for an outside group's recreational activities, do not have to inspect the facilities being used and do not have to warn about unsafe conditions.  Yeah! Every single thing that law of Wisconsin required the school to do to ensure your safety is about to be erased.

This is accountability at its finest.  I could not be prouder to be a citizen in a state where legislators continually do away with safety and accountability all so when re-election comes around they can proudly say they saved some corporations and towns money.  They will just leave out the part about at whose expense the savings was.