Friday, May 4, 2012

A Great Perspective...

An attorney that I am proud to work with recently penned this letter (pictured below), which is making its way around the capitol.  I think, from the legal perspective anyway, that this letter succinctly and poignantly sums up how Governor Walker is decimating legal protections for the citizens of Wisconsin.  Attorney Vince Megna works on behalf of consumers, and Walker has gutted consumer protections.  Walker has done that as well in the area I mainly practice in- personal injury.  

Walker is able to pass these laws always with the premise that it will increase jobs for Wisconsin (which apparently has not worked according to the latest figures).  But at what cost?  As citizens of this state, we need to understand, really understand, the real purpose of a bill or law being presented and ultimately passed.  After reading this letter, when you hear that a new bill/law will increase jobs (or whatever other catchy slogan is used), I hope you will think- at what cost?  Why is this bill really being introduced and who will it really effect?