Friday, October 26, 2012

Commit the Crime, You Should do the Time...

I had a chance to talk to Dave Schlabowske today in response to yet another fatality in which a cyclist was killed by a negligent driver after falling asleep at the wheel, crossing the center line and striking and the cyclist.

Dave posted a blog about it here:

It is important that Wisconsin adopt a Vulnerable User law to fill the gap between negligence and criminal conduct so that car operators are held accountable for their actions if they strike and seriously injure or kill a cyclist.  The high burden of proof for a criminal case prohibits the district attorney from bringing charges on many car vs. bike cases.  Thus, the driver may pay small citation fees and/or have to defend against a civil suit.  This needs to change, so that driver's begin to change their actions on the road.

Please read Dave's blog posted above.  And ride and drive safely.