Monday, February 18, 2013

My Email to Senator Vukmir...

I encourage readers of this blog to send the same to their representatives and also to those in the Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee: Sen. Grothman, Sen. Vukmir, Sen. Farrow, Sen. Risser, Sen. Harris.

Senator Vukmir,
I am writing to ask that you vote against Senate Bill 22 and any change to the collateral source rule.  This has been the law for a century in Wisconsin, and was recently unanimously upheld by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  A change to this rule punishes those who purchase health insurance and benefits drunk drivers, inattentive drivers and other individuals who injure citizens of this state through negligent conduct.  Any change to the law in this area would effectively punish a citizen for buying health insurance.  Insurance attorneys will be able to submit to the jury what an insurance company paid based upon a discounted rate the insurance company has with a medical provider -- a rate which the citizen who purchased insurance has no say in whatsoever.  Discounted rates, instead of the full value of the medical bills, do not fully compensate an injured individual for their injuries.  In fact, under this bill, an injured person who has health insurance and/or disability insurance would receive less money for the same injury than someone who is negligent and never decided to obtain insurance.  It makes no sense.  Further, because of subrogation laws, it is entirely possible that any settlement or verdict an injured citizen receives would be recouped by the individuals insurance provider, thus leaving the insured without any compensation for their injuries, much less any reasonable compensation.  Again, it makes no sense.  Injured individuals need money to help with future medical care and to compensate him/her/children for injuries that were sustained entirely through someone else's fault.  I encourage you to do what you were elected to do-- help and protect the citizens of this state.  A vote against any change to the collateral source rule would accomplish this goal.  A vote for it would completely contradict your role as a Senator.
Please vote against any change to the collateral source rule.
Thank you for your time.

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