Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Senate Bill 22 Update...

Well, I got some information the other day, and it looks like Senate Bill 22 regarding the Collateral Source Rule will not be going any further.  This is absolutely great news for citizens of Wisconsin.

Thanks to those who voiced opposition to the bill.  Ironically however, it is probably not your voice that mattered too much.  The reason the bill appears dead is because the insurance companies spoke up in opposition to the bill citing an increase in insurance rates if the bill became law.

Only when the insurance companies spoke did legislators listen.  This highlights who the current government hears and listens to- businesses and corporations, not individual citizens.  While it is great that Bill 22 will not become law, it should be concerning that it took opposition from a corporation before legislators listened.

However, our elected officials are at it again.  There is a proposal seeking sponsorship to become a bill that completely guts Wisconsin's Lemon Law.  Such a bill would be a Consumer Burden Bill, because it puts all requirements on the Consumer to fulfill before obtaining a refund or comparable vehicle.  Even then, you may not get either.

Watch for a new post to follow on this issue with more detail and the proposed legislation.

The Biggest Variable...

Here is video of a motorcyclist hitting a cyclist.  Luckily, no one was seriously hurt.  That aside, from the video it looks as if the motorcyclist intentionally struck the cyclists because (1) motor man appears to have a clear view of the cyclists in front of him when the motor man comes around the corner and, (2) while the motor man may be sticking out his foot to stay upright, it looks more like the motor man kicks at the cyclist just before impact.

Just goes to show that you when operating a vehicle on the road (bike, car, motorcycle), no matter how safe you are operating, you still cannot control the biggest factor that leads to accidents- OTHER operators.

Stay safe out there!