Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Things to Know After an Accident...

This list is not all inclusive, but if you have been involved in accident while riding your bike (whether bike v. bike, car v. bike or defect in road/path), you should make sure to do the following, if you are able to do so...

- if physically injured at the scene, call 911 and seek immediate medical attention

- get the name, phone number, address and insurance information for the other vehicle operator

- locate any potential witnesses and get their contact information

- if you can, take pictures of the scene, the other vehicle, your vehicle (bike/car) and possibly your injuries at the time

- look around and see if any outdoor security cameras may have recorded the accident, a make a note of this information.  May need to contact these places to preserve the tape.  Usually tapes are kept for a short period of time before they are recorded over

- if there was a roadway defect, make note of the defect and take pictures of the defect

An accident can take many forms: bike v. bike, car v. bike, dooring (car door v. bike) or defects in the roadway and/or signage. Be sure to gather information as this may assist you in proving the fault of the other party involved in any accident.  Seek legal counsel soon after the accident to ensure your rights are preserved.