Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Worker's Compensation - from no-fault to presumption of fault

Today I read that Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin are fast-tracking a bill that would effectively end Worker's Compensation in Wisconsin - which has been a model for the country and one of the first states to enact such a law.       (

This bill would change the system from a no-fault system for the employee, to the presumption being the employee was at fault and the employee would have the burden to prove he or she was not a fault in order to obtain worker's comp benefits.

This guts the purpose of Wisconsin's long standing worker's comp law, and will result in minimal, if any, justice for injured employees.

In addition, the bill would allow an employer to send an injured employee to a doctor of the employer's choice (hint - they will help deny your claim); allow the employer to not pay wages while employee is recovering by firing the employee; and require the potential employee, when they are hired, about prior medical conditions or risk being denied benefits later on.

People may not care about the dismantling of the Government Accountability Board or doing away with John Doe, but every citizen in this state, every employee should care that their rights to compensation and justice are being obliterated if this bill were to pass, in any shape or form.

Our current political leaders clearly do not care at all about their constituents.

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